As a 3PL specialized in the chemical industry, we provide solutions throughout the process. We are more than the sum of the parts. Our expertise and experience in the field as well as our team, processes and infrastructure, are the best outsourcing solution for logistics and transactional operations.

Our business model allows important companies to have a strategic partner that can satisfy their needs while respecting their guidelines and offering services of the highest standards, and thus to focus on activities of the core business.


  • One operator that integrates all the logistics.
  • Efficiency, agility, simplification of the supply chain.
  • Premium infrastructure, the only one of its kind in the Argentine market, special for dangerous goods.
  • Visibility: Traceability and reporting systems that let us know and control the real status of the operation.
  • Compliance: the execution of the operation is delegated without sacrificing legal or professional fulfillment.
  • Innovation: better practices in the field and expertise, along with our passion for doing, let us offer the highest operating standards.