Environmental care and safety is our main commitment and our most distinctive feature. We have infrastructure and processes designed to operate at the highest levels of Quality, Safety and Environmental care. We believe SHEQ is a priority at every level of the organization, and promote among out staff a “zero accident” culture for our operations.

Among the elements that make up the Security System at Mesucan are:

  • Location in maximum industrial category areas.
  • Constructions using fire-retardant material – Explosion proof fire installations.
  • Alarm system (intrusion and fire) monitored 24/7/365.
  • Spill containment system – Work procedures – Response to an emergency.
  • Fire fighting system (fire hydrants, monitors and sprinklers).
  • Leaders and our own staff at EHS + external consulting.
  • Certified management systems (ISO, PCRMA, CASAFE).
  • Regular training sessions for the staff – Drills – Emergency training.
  • Private security.

The scopes of our Quality Management System certified are these:

  • Mesucan: Receiving, warehousing and shipping of chemical products.
  • Soger: Receiving bulk, split and dry charge generation of chemical products.