We have three sites in industrial areas in AMBA (San Martin – Garin I – Garin II), all of which are authorized to handle IMO and non-IMO chemical products. These sites were planned and built to work with this specific kind of cargo, whether packaged (IBCs, Drums, Cans, Kegs) or in bulk (iso tanks/flexitanks).

Our main plant is strategically located in the northern area of the province of Buenos Aires, only 100 meters away from the Panamericana highway, with easy access to main operation ports and industrial areas for distribution.

With the highest levels of industrialization, our premises are made up of 10,000m² of premium storage room for dangerous goods, and vessels for storing flammable material exclusively.

Vast room for maneuvering, storage area for iso tanks and full flexitanks, roofed cross docking areas and a wide variety of transport and lifting equipment make up one of the most complete logistics infrastructure in the market.